To create a seat cushion that would minimise pressure points on the buttocks area by distributing your weight evenly
over the cushion surface and encourage correct seating posture.


The solution is to have a seat cushion with varying hardness. Where the pressure is higher, the cushion is softer, thus
allowing more even distribution of your weight. The firmer areas discourage shifting the body forward to the front of the seat resulting in poor posture.

Through extensive in-house tests the empirical data proves that ergo-Sit technology minimises the pressure points
on the buttocks area.

Figure 1. shows pressure distribution of a seated person on an ordinary task chair cushion. The maximum pressure
is 89mm of mercury (120Kpa or 1.2bar). The standard deviation is 22.4mm of mercury.

Figure 2. shows pressure distribution of a seated person on an ergo-sit cushion. The maximum pressure is 64mm
of mercury (86Kpa or 0.86bar.) The reduction in maximum pressure on the buttocks is approximately 30%.

The diagram also reveals a much more even distribution of the weight leading to increased levels of comfort when using
ergo-sit technology.


"... The seat base allows officer to sit without aggravating her coccyx, improving
her overall comfort and productivity."

OH&S Advisor, Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services

"... Found the chair very comfortable."

Project Analyst, Optus

"... The best chair in the survey."

HR Manager, Optus
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